Left-Wingers’ New Low: Attacking Amy Coney Barrett’s Family 1

Amy Coney Barrett, the smart young nominee, accompanied by her young family (including seven children—two of whom were adopted from Haiti), entered the fray today. Noting the number of justices on the Supreme Court, she joked: “I’m used to being in a group of nine—my family.”

It was a beautiful scene in the Rose Garden. The flags were flying—God knows there were plenty of flags—but, more importantly, there was a smart young nominee, accompanied by her smartly dressed young family (did I mention the seven children, two of whom were adopted from Haiti?).

“I love the United States, and I love the United States Constitution,” Barrett told us, adding that “judges are not policy makers.” Donald Trump, too, seemed to go out of his way to note that Barrett would follow the rule of law and not pursue a partisan agenda, presumably trying to quell fears about flipping the court by nominating a young conservative to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.