Lizzo Leads a COVID-19 ‘Mass Meditation’ on Instagram With One Flute, Many Crystals, and No Fear 1

Lizzo would like everyone to feel less fear and more love. In the face of a growing COVID-19 epidemic, the singer announced Thursday that she would lead a group meditation the next morning—and on Friday she did just that, playing the flute behind a cluster of crystals and urging everyone watching to reject fear and stay connected, even as social distancing demands that we all physically stay apart.

“There is the disease, and there is the fear of the disease,” Lizzo said in her Instagram live video Friday. “I think that fear can spread so much hatred; fear can spread so much negative energy, and fear can spread the disease even quicker than the disease can.”

“I wanted to let you guys know that we have power,” the singer added. “You have power. You have power to eliminate fear.”

The group meditation mantra was simple: Fear does not exist in my body; fear does not exist in my home. Love exists in my body; love exists in my home.

“The opposite of fear is love,” Lizzo said. “So we’re gonna take all this fear and we’re gonna transmute it into love.”

Lizzo had been scheduled to perform a concert in Houston Friday, but amid concerns about the disease, the show, like many other events, was forced to cancel. In gathering people on Instagram Live, the singer noted, she hoped to get everyone to take deep breaths and meditate—not only to dispel tensions and panic surrounding the pandemic, but also for national leaders to act.

“There are a lot of people that are still sick, and there’s a lot of action that needs to be taken,” Lizzo said. “We need leadership; we need a cure; we need proper testing packets… There’s a lot we need to do on that end, so we’re also going to take time to meditate toward that as well.”

Lizzo urged her viewers to picture the Earth as a body, and to envision the fear leaving that body. “The fear can be a jacket,” she quipped. “the fear can be anything that is easily removable—a hat, some glasses. A Band-Aid. The Earth, she said, is “vibrating lower than it should be” due to fear. “I want you to imagine that you’re taking the fear off the Earth,” the singer said. “Like a wig. Snatch the fear, like a wig, off the Earth… And now the Earth is starting to smile. The Earth is starting to vibrate a little quicker.”

“There is the disease and there is the fear of the disease.”

After discussing music and the science of vibrations for a few moments, Lizzo had her followers visualize love rising from the surface of the Earth. “Whether it’s a bed of flowers, whether it’s the ocean, whether it’s you, I want you to imagine love rising,” she said. “And as love is rising, the vibration is rising. And as the vibration is rising, the more in tune we’re all becoming.”

After three deep breaths, Lizzo encouraged everyone to reach out to one another with love. “This pandemic that’s happening to us right now is encouraging that we do distance ourselves physically,” she said. “That we take precaution and that we don’t put ourselves in social spaces where we are susceptible to the virus. This distance that is being wedged between us physically, we cannot allow that to wedge us apart emotionally, spiritually, energetically. I feel you even if you have a cough. I feel you. I reach out to you. I love you.”

After spending a few more minutes playing the flute, the singer echoed her previous sentiments before encouraging viewers to donate to local organizations working to help. “Namaste,” she said as she signed off. “I love y’all.”