Love Was Not Enough to Save Marianne Williamson’s Candidacy 1

“Reports of the end of my campaign have been drastically exaggerated today,” Marianne Williamson tweeted after laying off her entire campaign staff—as one does when one is ending one’s campaign. But not Marianne—Marianne insists that she is not ending her campaign just because she’s fired all her staff.

And maybe you don’t need staff for “a moral and spiritual awakening in the country.” I mean, that sounds a little bit like something one might need staff for, but let’s not forget that Marianne occupies a spiritual plane, a place where one does not need the normal human accoutrements that weigh down regular mortal candidates.

And for someone who is running to “fundamentally change the patterns of our political dysfunction,” her campaign had contained a fair amount of dysfunction, not including the time she direct-messaged my mom on Twitter to complain about me. “I understand your daughter is young and doesn’t know better,” Marianne wrote, “but given your own career and the fact that we’ve met, I would have thought you’d at least be open to a non-corporate political voice in the mix.”