Lululemon's Beloved Fitness MIRROR Is $750 Off Right Now

Lululemon's Beloved Fitness MIRROR Is $750 Off Right Now 1

Scouting Report: The MIRROR fitness tool is unlike any other you’ll try. You can use pre-recorded workouts as well as attend live classes, all with the ability to monitor your form at home. Get yours now during MIRROR’s early Black Friday sale.

Gyms may be slowly reopening across the country, but many of us have already adjusted to working from home and working out at home. Peloton sales surged in 2020, thanks to the closure of fitness studios, but the at-home fitness movement shows no signs of slowing down. If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to upgrade your current home fitness setup, Lululemon’s MIRROR sale has your back. The early Black Friday sale means you can get the cult-favorite fitness mirror for a whopping $750 off, now through November 21.

If you’ve been thinking about reactivating your gym membership, you may want to think again because thanks to this epic Lululemon MIRROR sale, it’s cheaper than your monthly membership fees. Seriously, it’ll pay for itself in like, three months—and you don’t have to leave the house. In fact, even if you’re returning to work in the near future, imagine being able to get up and get your workout in before heading to the office without the added time of commuting to your spinning class. After all, time is money, folks.

Lululemon Fitness MIRROR

Down from $1495

Starting at just $21 right now, the MIRROR is definitely way cheaper than your monthly gym membership.

If you’re not familiar with Lululemon’s somewhat new fitness MIRROR been dubbed as “the world’s first invisible gym.” It’s basically a futuristic reflective mirror-screen hybrid that offers members a vast selection of on-demand and interactive workouts, along with one-on-one virtual personal training sessions. Lululemon’s MIRROR gives you the experience of a boutique fitness studio in the comfort (and safety) of your living room. Indeed, the future of fitness is here, and there’s no better time to invest in your own than now while it’s so steeply discounted.

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