Maria Bartiromo Erupts When Fox Colleague Wonders Why Trump’s Still Talking About Hillary’s Emails 1

Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo blew up at her colleague Dagen McDowell on Thursday morning after McDowell said Bartiromo’s interview with President Donald Trump was “all over the place” and focused on issues that nobody cares about, such as Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Bartiromo, who has morphed from respected business reporter to unapologetic Trump booster, defended the president’s obsession with Clinton, whom he defeated nearly four years ago, loudly complaining that the former first lady “gets away with so much!”

Immediately following the president’s first live interview since his hospitalization for COVID-19, which featured Trump calling Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris a “monster,” Bartiromo turned to her panel for immediate reaction. And McDowell, a fellow Fox Business anchor, provided an honest assessment.

“President Trump didn’t follow what the Wall Street Journal was saying in terms of staying on policy,” she said. “I am not sure it helped his campaign to talk about Hillary Clinton’s emails and going back down that rabbit hole like it was four years ago.”

“So, again, it was kind of, well, all over the place,” McDowell continued. “It didn’t really focus on the very issues of what the American people want to hear. Some of it did, but some of it clearly did not.”

Bartiromo quickly jumped in, saying the issue of the former secretary of state’s email server is not a “rabbit hole because Hillary Clinton continues to get away with so much.”

The morning host then insisted that Trump’s all-consuming focus on discrediting the Russia investigation and taking down the so-called “deep state” actors behind the probe is a matter of utmost importance to the American people.

“He swamps his own message by talking about all the other stuff,” an exasperated McDowell shot back, adding that Trump should focus more attention on coronavirus and the economy.

“It is also about our liberties, in my view there is nothing more important than our liberties, and our rights, OK?!” Bartiromo yelled. “Constitutional rights, there is nothing more important than our liberties, for the government in power to create a story that their political enemies colluded and committed treason is a big deal. I am not going to under… I am not going to, you know, play that down, because, there is nothing more important than our liberties.”

“Yes, COVID is important, and this getting our arms around it, getting the economy open again is important,” an incensed Bartiromo concluded. “But if you have one political power in power, they are able to create stories about your political enemy, weaponize intelligence agencies of the greatest country in the world, you are not the greatest country in the world, it is a lie!”