Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris Shuts Down Mike Pence on SNL 1

She made a brief appearance during last weekend’s season premiere cold open, but with the vice presidential debate just a few days ago, this week was Maya Rudolph’s time to shine as Kamala Harris.

“And now, the thing that will change everyone’s minds,” the announcer said at the top of the sketch before introducing Kate McKinnon as USA Today’s Susan Page, who explained the “buffet-style sneeze guards” between the candidates by saying that one of the two candidates “works for patient zero.”

Within moments, Harris was shutting down Beck Bennett’s Pence with a barrage of “I’m speaking” and telling viewers about her plan to smile at the vice president “like I’m in a TJ Maxx and a white lady asks me if I work here” and then later switch to “more of a Claire Huxtable side eye.”

Alec Baldwin’s Trump apparently had the week off, but the same couldn’t be said for Jim Carrey, who appeared yet again as Joe Biden, watching the debate from home and desperately wanting to get in on the action. And that’s where the fly came in.

You see, Biden teleported to the debate but as it turned out there was a fly stuck in the machine, which ultimately led to a parody of the 1986 sci-fi movie The Fly in which Carrey was impersonating Biden impersonating Jeff Goldblum.

And then there were two flies. “Man, what kind of nonsense is Mike Pence trying to pull?” Kenan Thompson asked, before revealing that he was Herman Cain, who died from COVID-19 after attending President Trump’s June 19th rally in Tulsa.

“Reincarnated as a damn fly and these fools, Trump and Pence, killed me, man!” he told Biden. “They invited me to a rally with no mask and said, everything’s fine, Herman. I catch corona. Trump tells me, everything’s fine, Herman. The White House doctors check me out, they say, everything’s fine, Herman. Three days later, I’m gone! If you’re watching this at home, don’t trust this white devil about that ‘rona.”

“OK, I think we need to shut this debate down for the good of humanity,” the moderator said. “Senator Harris, would you like to do what everyone at home wants to do?”

After Harris smacked Pence in the head with a fly swatter, Herman Cain asked, “Am I dying again?”

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