McConnell Punts on Whether He’d ‘Welcome’ Trump’s Help: ‘He Has His Own Agenda’ 1

With twice-impeached former President Donald Trump inserting himself directly into the 2022 midterms, much to the chagrin of some conservatives, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell punted on Thursday when asked whether he’d welcome Trump’s help.

After McConnell expressed confidence during a Fox News interview that he’ll end up with the Senate candidates he wants to retake the majority, anchor Bill Hemmer wondered aloud if he’d be receptive to the ex-president’s involvement.

“Well, he has his own agenda,” the Kentucky lawmaker replied. “My view is we are going to focus on this administration and the future.”

While it was just a few short months ago that McConnell excoriated Trump on the Senate floor for inciting an insurrectionist mob to storm the Capitol, the GOP leader has since noticeably softened his stance towards the disgraced former president.

Last month, for instance, he opposed the creation of an independent commission into the events surrounding the Capitol riots, effectively killing the bipartisan congressional investigation.