Michael Caputo’s Kaput at HHS but Trump’s Lethal Leadership Is Going Strong 1

If Michael Caputo, a top official at Health and Human Services, hadn’t melted down and spewed out on Facebook Live that his job description included suppressing “rotten scientists” in a “resistance unit” at the CDC, he would still be twisting the apolitical data coming out of the single most important source of health information in the world. Caputo also warned that Democrats were getting out of their sweatpants only long enough to plot an armed insurrection to defeat Trump by publicizing  a running tab on death and destruction from COVID-19.  At night, Caputo saw shadows on the wall. In short, he was a mess.  

But as a protege of Roger Stone, that made him the perfect person to do as Trump wished, but not competent or composed enough to carry it out, for which we should be grateful. By Wednesday he was gone, deleting his accounts and taking a medical leave, at taxpayer expense, for 60 days, meaning post-election he could be back on the front lines, either to serve in a second term or man the barricades against those Biden forces. 

But while he’s sidelined, the campaign within the campaign to present Trump as doing a great job fighting the pandemic, goes on ever more desperately. There was the man himself Wednesday evening, boasting about the lives he’d supposedly somehow saved, as the death count closes in on 200,000, and blaming those deaths on those darn blue states. To push that reality-defying message, Trump has tried to put the knee of a political appointee like Caputo on the neck of every health expert. Too bad for us,  they won’t all sideline themselves by broadcasting their paranoid ravings.