Mysterious Pro-Trump Group Suddenly Spends $1.4M on Bad Internet Ads 1

There’s a new super PAC on the scene, and it says it’s dropping seven-figure sums to re-elect President Donald Trump. But while the group has released a handful of ads targeting key swing states, the vast majority of the money it’s told federal election regulators it’s spending remains largely unaccounted for.

The only ads that the super PAC Our American Century appears to have produced are a pair of videos uploaded to its YouTube page on Wednesday. One hits Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over the Chinese government’s ostensible support for his candidacy. The other features audio of a 911 call in Fredericksburg, Virginia, from a woman who said she was trapped in her car by demonstrators at a Black Lives Matter protest in June. (Police verified the 911 call and said in June that they were still investigating the matter.)

“In a Biden/Harris America, ‘peaceful protesters’ attack stranded moms and traumatize children,” the ad declares.