Newsmax Host Claims Critical Race Theory Will Cause Kids to ‘Marry Their Mother’ 1

Newsmax host and disgraced political strategist Dick Morris bizarrely linked the teaching of critical race theory to Oedipal complexes on Wednesday night, warning that the presence of CRT could lead to kids killing their fathers and marrying their mothers.

In recent months, right-wing media has obsessively focused its attention on so-called critical race theory, an obscure legal academic concept that identifies systemic racism in institutions which conservatives have since turned into a catch-all phrase to include diversity training and anti-racist school curriculum. Newsmax, in keeping with its attempts to outflank Fox News on the right, has predictably gone all-in on the latest culture war flashpoint.

Appearing on Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt Tonight to discuss Gen. Mark Milley blasting Republicans for complaining the military is too “woke,” Morris immediately argued that critical race theory is a “cancer” that is “infecting all of our institutions.” The Dick Morris Democracy host then went on to falsely insist that CRT is “based on the fundamental proposition that all white people are racist” and is akin to “original sin.”

From there, the conversation quickly veered into the land of the absurd.

“I have a unique thought about that. What does this do to the children?” Morris pondered. “What does this do to a kid—a quarter of all Black marriages are intermarriages racially—so what does that do to a Black boy whose mother is a white, actually, his mother is Black, and his father is white?”

He continued: “What does he think? My father exploited my mother and that’s how he got successful? And if the couple breaks up, does this kid have to choose one over the other?”

The former Clinton adviser, however, was far from done.

“Does this reinforce the Oedipal notion all kids have, wanting to kill their father and marry their mother? What does this do to that?” Morris exclaimed. “What does this do to the children?!”

Morris’s outlandish observation comes just a day after Newsmax guest Michael Savage declared that critical race theory is akin to the Holocaust and is the “road to the death camps” for white people.

Prior to his presence on Newsmax, Morris was best known as a campaign consultant and adviser to former President Bill Clinton. He infamously resigned from Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, however, following reports that he was involved with a prostitute who said Morris had a fondness for toe-sucking. He also reportedly let the escort listen in on calls from the White House.

Following his resignation, Morris eventually gravitated to political punditry, which eventually resulted in Fox News dropping him as an on-air analyst in 2013 following his disastrous and stubborn predictions that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney would defeat Barack Obama in a landslide.