‘Not Funny’: Fox News Anchor Grumbles at Guest Who Mentions Trump’s Bleach B.S. 1

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner was less than thrilled on Monday when a former Obama aide invoked former President Donald Trump’s infamous suggestion that COVID-19 patients ingest bleach, grumbling that her guest’s remarks were “not funny.”

During a Fox News panel discussion on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcing that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks indoors or outdoors, Faulkner noted that the Biden administration has received criticism over the confusion the advisory has caused.

“Why can’t this administration get on one message that works?” Faulkner asked Marjorie Clifton, a former adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

“Because I don’t think there’s one message that anyone will adopt,” Clifton responded. “Because all of those that said over time we don’t want to have masks anymore now have been given permission to shed their masks and yet they’re critics.”

The Democratic strategist continued: “I think, unfortunately, in the current day political environment, there’s never going to be a winning strategy, there’s never going to be a one-size-fits-all policy around it.”

Faulkner, however, grumbled that this was not what President Joe Biden “sold to America” and that Clifton conveyed a “really pessimistic message.” The liberal guest retorted that this is “what news is apparently thriving on these days,” adding that was all they’ve “talked about so far.”

The Fox News anchor objected, saying there was a “simple message” that would solve all of this confusion and mixed messaging.

“What about science?” Faulkner exclaimed.

“What is the message that works?” Clifton wondered aloud.

“Science!” Faulkner shot back.

“And the CDC’s policies they put forward is based on science,” the former Obama consultant replied. “If you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. If you aren’t then you should. So that’s science. Yet we’re criticizing that right now.”

Faulkner essentially brushed off her guest’s remarks, saying she wishes they “could just read the science out loud” and then not say anything else policy-wise until “Americans digest the science.”

“You’ve got to tell us the truth,” the Fox News anchor added. “It’s more facts, less policy.”

“Like drinking bleach?” a laughing Clifton interjected, referencing the infamous moment when former President Trump touted the ingestion of disinfectants as a potential COVID-19 cure.

“Not funny,” a clearly displeased Faulkner growled.