One and Done Meal Delivery Services That are Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious

One and Done Meal Delivery Services That are Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious 1

Whether you’re looking to reduce inflammation or get rid of excess body fat this year, there’s no denying that diet plays a major role in our overall health—physical, psychological, etc. If you’re like me and are too busy to cook every night, you may or may not have fallen into the habit of ordering Postmates and takeout way more than should be allowed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit a couple of years ago. Heck, awaiting my dinner delivery was the one and only thing I had to look forward to. But, not only has eating out almost every night taken a toll on my wallet but it’s also taken a toll on my waistline, which led me to do some research to find the best meal delivery services for weight loss and healthy eating.

Frankly, I could care less about not fitting into my 2019 jeans, but I just feel off (sluggish, heavy, and less focussed) as of late, and I am almost positive my current disposition is, at least in part, due to my less-than-stellar diet. This is precisely why I decided to look into some healthier (yet still convenient) meal delivery options this year.

Yes, I would love to subscribe to those meal kit plans like Hello Fresh that supply you with new recipes and all of the ingredients necessary to make your meals, but I know having to dedicate even a half-hour every weeknight to cooking isn’t sustainable for my life (and work) schedule.

Sure, ordering takeout or prepared meals from healthy restaurants is always a solid option, but if you’re like me and have realized that the majority of the money you’ve shelled out during the pandemic has literally gone directly to the pricey contactless restaurant and lazy-day fast food orders, you may also be looking to pull back a bit on relying on these delivery apps to feed you. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable meal delivery services that are both healthy, affordable, and yes, actually tasty.

Of course, it goes without saying that the meal delivery services listed below may not be quite as budget-friendly as shopping for your own groceries and preparing the food in your own kitchen, but they’re ridiculously convenient nonetheless.

After all, time is money, am I right? Whether you’re giving the plant-based lifestyle a shot or hopping on the low-carb ketogenic bandwagon, there’s truly something for every diet and budget. Scroll through below to check out some of the best meal delivery services for weight loss and healthy eating below.

Sakara Life Signature Nutrition Program

Out of all the meal delivery services I’ve triedis without a doubt my favorite. Sakara offers four different options to cater to your individual needs, with a focus on improving digestion, energy and even enhancing your complexion through nutrition.

Each ready-to-eat meal not only tastes delicious (yes, even if you’re not vegan) but also improves your energy and actually (albeit surprisingly) fills you up. I’m not going to lie—it’s pretty expensive—we’re talking up to $60 a day, but for me, it was worth it. Some of my favorite dishes include The Beauty Blend Salad, the Root Veggie Enchiladas, and the Pasta a La Vodka with kale “parmesan.”

One and Done Meal Delivery Services That are Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious 2

Territory Foods

Great for Gluten-Free Diets

Another one of my personal favorite prepared food delivery services is Territory Foods. They offer a huge selection of healthy meal options suitable for a wide variety of diets and dietary preferences, including Keto, Paleo, plant-based, and Whole 360. All meals are crafted to inflammation-reducing ingredients and zero dairy, refined sugar, or gluten. All you have to do is unbox your weekly delivery of breakfasts, lunch, and dinner (or whichever meals you choose to order), refrigerate, and toss in the microwave before eating.

Plus, the meal delivery service often teams up with local restaurants for meals, so there’s always a new rotation of options every week (along with permanent menu items, of course). My favorite is the Keto Grilled Salmon with Cauliflower and Broccoli. It’s so, so, good. Prices range from about $10.95-$13.95 per meal.

One and Done Meal Delivery Services That are Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious 3

Oats Overnight

For those who aren’t into cooking, but are okay with very minimal meal prep, Oats Overnight is perfect for you. Oats Overnight is ideal for people who are super busy and prone to eating on the go, as each oat-based meal is designed to be portable (read: basically, drinkable).

My favorite options are the caffeine-infused oats, but you can also choose from a slew of fun flavors like Fruity Cereal, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Crunch, and caffeinated Chai Latte.

One and Done Meal Delivery Services That are Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious 4

Purple Carrot

Another plant-based meal plan on the list, Purple Carrot offers an ever-changing menu chock full of fiber and antioxidant-rich plates that state like they’re from a five-star restaurant. Plus, if you’re looking for a sustainable and earth-friendly, option, look no further.

On average, each Purple Carrot meal results in 72 percent less carbon being released into the atmosphere compared to the average American meal. Some of my personal favorite Purple Carrot dishes include Walnut-Crusted Artichokes and Spicy Almond Butter Noodles. On average, Purple Carrot’s meal delivery service will set you back about $71 per week.

One and Done Meal Delivery Services That are Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious 5

As someone who isn’t plant-based, I have to admit that I was super impressed by each one of Thistle’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals I tried. Of course, I should mention that Thistle also offers a selection of fish and meat-based meal options for pescatarians and carnivores as well.

Unlike other meal delivery services, Thistle allows you to customize your meals and subscription frequency, and you can pause the program at any time—but, really, you probably will not want to. Some of my favorite dishes from the program include Creamy Tomato Pasta, Cauliflower Polenta Bowl, and the Dirty Chai Oatmeal Bowl. They also offer a huge assortment of fresh-pressed juices and sides as well. Prices range from about $60 a month or $15 (for meat) per meal.

One and Done Meal Delivery Services That are Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious 6

For those who just are simply just not ready to graduate from the microwave to the stove right now, but also don’t want to consume copious amounts of sodium and preservatives that frozen meals are laden with, it’s time to give Freshly’s super convenient (and eco-friendly) meal delivery service a shot.

Our contributor, Daniel Modlin reviewed Freshly for Scouted and had nothing but glowing reviews about it. “As much as I love to cook, sometimes I need a break. Takeout is often my (and most people’s) respite, but that has its own drawbacks as well. And so, instead of eating dinner at 7:00, I end up deciding what I want at 8:00, and it ends up delivered at 9:00. While I never saw myself as someone who would use a meal kit delivery service, I recently tried this one, and discovered even though I never thought I’d ever use it, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be using it,” he said. Prices start at about $12 a meal.

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