Oscars? White Guys. Democratic Candidates? White Guys. And These Are the Liberal Organizations. 1

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 2020 slate of nominations for the Oscars was a sea of white men. The Democrats’ seventh debate also featured a profound lack of pigment and was pretty testosterone-heavy, though it did include two women.

For those who want equal representation, the sea of white maleness really sucked. How was this happening again? We had read countless think pieces on diversity, and yet the Oscars were as white as ever, and the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination is a white man in his 70s, trailed by another white man in his 70s?! We were told this was the year of women—no, wait, maybe that was last year. Has the year of the women expired?

In the incredibly lame Academy’s incredibly lame defense, they’ve always sucked. Every year we collectively bemoan the whiteness and general cronyism of the Oscars. Every year it becomes slightly harder to not feel despondent about all these lame white guys getting participation trophies from their friends.