Rudy Giuliani Coughs Through Attack on Biden’s Mask Advocacy 1

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who is currently awaiting coronavirus test results, coughed through a Fox News interview on Monday night in which he attacked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for consistently wearing a mask, claiming it was a “political statement” meant to “scare” people.

Moments after President Donald Trump returned to the White House despite still battling COVID-19—a homecoming that included a photo-op moment featuring the gasping president removing his face mask—Giuliani appeared on Fox News’ The Story With Martha MacCallum to discuss Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and how the virus is raging through Trumpworld.

After the former New York City mayor gushed over the president’s “remarkable turnaround,” even though the White House doctor acknowledged the president is “not out of the woods” yet, anchor Martha MacCallum asked Giuliani if he has recently received another coronavirus test.

Giuliani traveled with the president to last week’s presidential debate and took part in Trump’s debate preparation. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who also was in the debate prep room, noted that “no one was wearing masks” during the session. Christie and several others in the room have since tested positive for COVID-19.

“I did. I actually got one about two hours ago,” the ex-mayor, whose first test result was negative, said. “I haven’t gotten the results yet. I went to NYU. I got one of those all the way in the back of the nose tests.”

MacCallum replied that she hopes Giuliani gets a “negative on that one” before pivoting to Biden, noting that the former vice president—who has been vigilant with mask-wearing and social distancing—recently said he wants people to follow the science and experts.

“Well, I would say to Joe that you don’t really understand what scientists are,” Giuliani huffed. “First of all, listen to your doctors. They know your personal history. Doctors really aren’t scientists. Scientists almost always have competing opinions. That’s what science is about.”

He then took issue with Biden regularly wearing face coverings in public, claiming Biden is using the mask as a fear tactic and to attack his opponents.

“It isn’t science to be wearing that mask, Joe, when you are giving a speech and people are 30-40 feet away from you,” Giuliani exclaimed. “The only thing you can infect is the teleprompter that’s near you. So, I see through you. That’s a political statement to scare people, wearing that mask. You do not need that mask when you are standing at a podium.”

MacCallum, playing “devil’s advocate,” said Biden would likely note that his mask-wearing has helped keep him COVID-free while Trump—a loud mask skeptic—has been infected. Giuliani responded that he personally hasn’t gotten sick and that he “doesn’t wear masks as much” as he probably should.

As the interview drew to a close, Giuliani began loudly coughing and hacking, prompting MacCallum to express a bit of concern as she wrapped up the conversation.

“Mayor Giuliani, thank you so much for your time, and we look forward to having you back. And I hope that cough is not anything bad while you are waiting for your test to come back,” she said. “We hope you will be healthy and well.”

“I hope so, too,” Giuliani reacted with a laugh. “I will let you know tomorrow.”