Rudy Giuliani Posts Footage of Himself Mocking Asians to YouTube 1

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was caught mocking Asians and even pantomiming a bow in video footage his team accidentally posted to his YouTube page on Wednesday.

The remarks came well after Giuliani had finished interviewing former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for his podcast, Common Sense. The taping appeared to take place on Tuesday. But a version of it was also posted as a video online on Wednesday. And in that video, the editors not only kept rolling but posted that excess footage along with the Spicer interview.

For several minutes on the extended YouTube version, the screen was black and silent. Then Spicer appeared briefly only to quickly sign out, leaving Giuliani at his desk speaking with individuals off-screen, apparently unaware the camera was still recording.

After a few moments of small talk with an assistant who appears to be Jayne Zirkle, an animated Giuliani started affecting a stereotypical Chinese accent while telling Zirkle that she’s “going to be the most famous model in China.”

“Ah, get me Jayne Zirkle,” he said while using the accent.

After asking others in the room what they wanted for dinner, Giuliani continued to say Zirkle’s name in the mocking accent. He then started pantomiming a bow while repeating her name, laughing as his team tried to steer him back to talking about the interview. A few seconds later, the video finally cut out.

Giuliani did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This isn’t the first time that the former New York mayor has had an embarrassing run-in with modern technology, resulting in Giuliani revealing more than he wanted. Late last year, the Trump attorney mistakenly butt-dialed an NBC reporter late at night.

When the reporter woke up, he discovered a three-minute-long voice message from Giuliani, featuring the ex-mayor discussing overseas dealings and his need for cash. That butt-dial came 18 days after another one in which a different reporter also let Giuliani’s call go to voicemail, only to later discover Giuliani complaining to another person about becoming the target of public attacks because he slammed a powerful Democrat.