Russia State Media Gears Up for a War ‘Against the West’ 1

Russia is gearing up for war again, local experts, state media propagandists, and government officials are all saying. The fight will begin once again on the real-world battlefield of Ukraine. But it will extend much, much further. And the real enemy? Thousands of miles from Kyiv.

“Everything will start in Ukraine,” predicted Andrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at Moscow State University, appearing on Sunday Evening With Vladimir Soloviev this weekend. “We will be forced to step onto the battlefield in a fight for which they think we’re not ready,” he added. The host asked: “A fight against whom?” and Sidorov clarified: “Against the collective West.”

The fear-mongering propagated by Russian state media aims to prepare the population for the consequences of the Kremlin’s actions, while preemptively placing most of the blame upon the United States. Russian experts fear that to make Russia pay for its election interference, hacking and other malign activities, the Biden administration might declare Russian President Vladimir Putin a “persona non grata,” and impose a total trade embargo upon Russia. Preparing for the worst and never willing to admit responsibility for its actions, Russian diplomatic sources told TASS that Russia’s ambassador to the United States will return only if “Americans do at least something” to normalize relations between the two countries.