Satirist Christopher Buckley Meets His Match in Donald Trump 1

“The stink of corruption is just olid!” Christopher Buckley exclaimed, appraising the 45th president of the United States and his fanatical cult of enablers and acolytes. “Do you know that word ‘olid’? It’s a lovely word. It means stinky. But now we’re going to have to invent new words for stinky.”

Buckley, whose satirical novel of the current administration Make Russia Great Again is just out from Simon & Schuster, was speaking the morning after Donald Trump—in a typically belligerent White House press dump on a Friday night—commuted the prison sentence of his favorite felon, dirty trickster Roger Stone.

“I glimpsed him this morning on television,” Buckley said about Stone, who was convicted in a jury trial this past February of various counts of witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and perjury—and lied promiscuously to the press about his contacts with WikiLeaks and Russian intelligence operatives, including to this reporter, in order to protect his pal Trump.  

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