Seth Meyers Drags Romney and Sinema for ‘Ruining’ ‘Ted Lasso’

Seth Meyers Drags Romney and Sinema for ‘Ruining’ ‘Ted Lasso’ 1

Seth Meyers spent 12-and-a-half minutes of his last Late Night of the week on Thursday breaking down just how much of a “shit-covered, ass-over-tea kettle clusterfuck” the Democrats’ attempt to pass President Joe Biden’s social safety net expansion has become. But he started by drawing attention to the weirdest thing that happened in Washington today.

“To give you an idea of how things are going in Congress right now, here’s a photo Utah Senator Mitt Romney posted today of himself dressed up as Ted Lasso serving biscuits to Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema,” the host began. He neglected to even mention the disturbing “Biscuits with the boss” caption.

“Man, you know you’re unpopular when you can single-handedly ruin one of America’s favorite TV shows,” Meyers added. “This is like when Rudy Giuliani ran out of the White House bathroom with his pants around his ankles George Costanza-style.”

All of this “just proves once again that we desperately need Roy Kent in Congress,” he said of the Apple TV+ show’s most surly character, “because that character makes me want to ‘fucking puke.’”

Meyers spent the rest of his “A Closer Look” segment going after Sinema and her partner-in-obstruction Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for deciding to “hold the bill hostage and turn it into a public melodrama to feed their own egos and to protect their corporate patrons.”

“This is all just a self-aggrandizing schtick from two senators who want to be seen as straight-shooting, middle-of-the-road dealmakers,” he added. “But who are, in reality, just protecting the interests of their corporate patrons and themselves.”

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