Seth Meyers Drags the Media for Praising Trump’s ‘New Tone’ 1

Earlier this year, we learned that President Donald Trump literally laughs at the press when they start fawning over his “new tone.” And yet, somehow, it keeps happening

On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers pointed out that despite the president’s “insane tangent” this week in which he said he wished accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well, “the media still fell for Trump’s act, simply because his team dosed his Diet Coke with Nyquil and got him to read a prepared statement pretending to take the [coronavirus] crisis seriously.” 

The Late Night host singled out reporters at ABC News, CNN and Bloomberg, each of whom praised Trump’s “new tone” on the pandemic. And that was before his NBC colleague Chuck Todd gave the president credit for “turning a corner” on masks. 

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