Seth Meyers Exposes CNN’s Hypocrisy Over Trump’s ‘Propaganda Session’ 1

Seth Meyers called out cable news networks on Wednesday for airing President Donald Trump’s press briefing ramblings “unfiltered during a national emergency.” And the Late Night host did not give CNN a pass for criticizing the president on screen while he was speaking.

“It doesn’t make it better when you give it a negative chyron like CNN did on Monday,” Meyers said, pointing to the caption that read, “Angry Trump Turns Briefing Into Propaganda Session” after the network aired a campaign-style ad that played during the live event and misrepresented the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“You know what else turned that into a propaganda session?” the host asked. “Pointing your camera at it. Before you showed up it was just, ‘Crazy Lawn Man Does His Thing.’ You can’t air a propaganda session and then criticize it.” He compared it to MTV showing Jersey Shore with the disclaimer, “Change the channel, this show sucks.”

“And that is what it was, a propaganda session,” Meyers continued. “Trump actually had people inside your government, paid with your tax dollars make that video.”

When Trump was asked where the selective montage of comments came from, he revealed that it was made by his social media director Dan Scavino and a “group of people.”

“First of all, it’s funny that it was only Dan who got named and everyone else who was complicit in this bullshit got lumped into a group of people,” Meyers said. “Trump knows how to accidentally shame someone by giving them the credit for something terrible.”

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