Seth Meyers Exposes ‘Self-Serving Hypocrite’ Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt 1

“2020 is off to a great start,” Seth Meyers said at the top of his first “A Closer Look” segment of the new year. “I’m just fucking with you. 2020 is already the worst.”

The Late Night host spent most of his blistering piece going after President Donald Trump and members of his administration for trying to lie America into war with Iran much in the same way the Bush administration falsified intelligence to sell the war in Iraq. “But that’s not good enough for Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt, who said today that we just have to trust the intelligence agencies,” he said. 

With that, he cut to a clip of Earhardt expressing shock and disbelief that anyone would be “critical” of U.S. intelligence agencies. When her co-host Steve Doocy suggested that some Americans just want “details,” she shot back, “Well, they can’t have it. They can’t have it. Everything can’t be made public.” She summed up the administration’s position as “you just have to trust us.”

“I’m sorry but I’m not inclined to trust an administration that lies about everything. Even the dumbest things,” Meyers replied. “Let’s not forget, this is a guy who literally drew a circle on an official weather map in Sharpie to claim that Alabama was going to be hit by a hurricane and then pretended he had no idea how it got there.” He predicted that Trump’s evidence would be a map of Iran with the words “Iran bad” scrawled on it in his own handwriting.

“So there you go, you heard Fox & Friends, we have to trust our intelligence agencies,” the host continued. “I wonder though if she felt the same way back in May when the intelligence agencies were investigating Trump.”

Of course, this led to a clip of Earhardt sharing a Fox News poll in which 58% of respondents said they believe the FBI “broke the law” during its investigation into Trump. “So that’s pretty scary that we can’t trust the FBI,” she said.

“What? We can’t?” Meyers asked. “But that lady on the news just a second ago said we can! Wait a second… oh my god, one of two things is happening here: either Trump supporters are self-serving hypocrites who defend intelligence agencies when they want to bomb other countries but attack them when they investigate the president’s crimes, or…Ainsley Earhardt has an evil twin.”