Seth Meyers Exposes Why Fox News Is Suddenly Obsessed With Looney Tunes 1

First it was Dr. Seuss. Then Mr. Potato Head. Now Fox News has spent all week freaking out over the Looney Tunes and Seth Meyers is pretty sure he knows why.

“Democrats in Congress passed the final version of a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, as well as a bill that would strengthen unions,” the Late Night host said Wednesday night. “Both of which would deliver huge benefits to the poor and working class, but the GOP and Fox News have been much more focused on Looney Tunes and the royal family.”

The latest “cancel culture” war on Fox is over the decision to cut Pepé Le Pew out of the upcoming Space Jam 2. “Personally, I can’t believe Fox News is defending someone who’s French,” Meyers joked. “If this was 2003, they’d be referring to him as a ‘freedom skunk.’” For any viewers too young to remember, he explained that he was referencing that time when “conservatives canceled French fries.”

“In fairness, this outrage might just be because Fox News has lost so many advertisers that their last major sponsor is the Acme corporation,” the host said. “That’s why Hannity tied himself to that rocket last night. I guess my anvil boycott is back on.”

“Seriously, imagine being an actual adult and spending any amount of time at all complaining about a decades-old cartoon character being left out of a movie,” Meyers added. “The point is, guys, there’s a pandemic raging, millions suffering or out of work, and you’re spending your time defending the Looney Tunes.”

Since it seemed “redundant” to call behavior like that “looney tunes,” he went with “Mickey Mouse” instead.

“The Republican Party and conservative movement have turned entirely to nonsense culture war B.S. because they have nothing else to talk about,” Meyers explained. “They don’t have a convincing criticism of the Democrats’ massive COVID relief bill because it’s overwhelmingly popular even with their own voters.”

So when conservatives call it “partisan,” he reminded Americans that it’s only partisan among elected Republican lawmakers. “The GOP and Fox News can’t criticize it, so they’d rather not tell their voters about it at all.”

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