Seth Meyers Mocks Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s Half-Empty Arena Tour

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s Half-Empty Arena Tour 1

As shocking new developments continue to emerge in the January 6th investigation, Seth Meyers noted Monday night that we know Donald Trump wants to try pulling off his coup attempt again because he “keeps talking about it,” including this past weekend on his “so-called history tour” alongside disgraced Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

With that, the Late Night host cut to a truly disturbing clip of Trump ranting about how Mike Pence didn’t have the “courage” to do what he falsely believes Thomas Jefferson did to rig the 1800 vote count but mostly just said the words “hear ye, hear ye” over and over again.

“I’ll say this,” Meyers responded. “He’s the only guy I’ve ever seen do an episode of Drunk History stone cold sober. I mean, it’s like watching an amnesia patient wander up on stage during a performance of Hamilton.” The host went on to call it “frankly hilarious” that the only thing Trump seems to know about American history is that people used to say the words “hear ye, hear ye.”

But what was even funnier was the fact that the first stop of Trump and O’Reilly’s tour in Sunrise, Florida, featured whole tiers of mostly empty seats and the venue had to “upgrade” ticket holders to even partially fill the lower levels. “Yikes!” Meyers said. “There was better attendance at my son’s kindergarten holiday pageant. Or there would have, if it hadn’t been canceled due to COVID.”

Ultimately, Meyers said the event was evidence of how “deeply unpopular” Trump actually is, which is why he had to “stage a coup” in the first place.

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