Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s Descent Into a ‘Financially Broken Ghost Criminal’ 1

In the weeks and months following the 2020 election, late-night hosts like Seth Meyers spoke with a deep sense of relief about the glorious freedom of a post-Trump comedy landscape. But it hasn’t been so easy for them to let go.

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel delivered an extended riff about the desperate “sycophants” who have been rushing to Twitter to declare Trump looks “stronger than ever” as he supposedly prepares for another presidential run in 2024. On Monday, it was Meyers’ turn to take on the former president’s sad state of affairs.

As the Late Night host put it, Trump has decided to spend his post-presidency “creepily shuffling around his Palm Beach resort like the ghost of a retired dentist who drowned in a water hazard on the 18th hole.”

Meyers mocked Trump’s go-to outfit of red hat, white polo, and “slacks that seem to be rising faster than the sea level,” and compared him to a “lost grandpa who’s supposed to be watching the kids at the mall.”

“His business and finances are apparently in even worse shape,” the host added, pointing to reports that Trump’s net worth fell by $700 million during his presidency, the increased scrutiny of his tax returns, and Mar-a-Lago’s recent shutdown over a COVID-19 outbreak.

“My god, COVID follows this guy like a rain cloud following Daffy Duck,” Meyers joked. “His rallies, the White House, now Mar-a-Lago, he’s like a walking COVID test. If you’re ever in physical proximity to Donald Trump, you should quarantine for two weeks just to be safe.”

Finally, Meyers said it “really does capture the modern state of the GOP” that “the guy they tried to overthrow democracy for is now a financially broken ghost criminal.” And while the big joke at the start of Trump’s 2016 campaign was his orange skin, he added, “Now he doesn’t even have one. He’s the color of spackle.”

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