Seth Meyers Takes Down Tucker Carlson’s Anti-Vaxxer BS 1

Fox News can’t figure out how it’s supposed to feel about the COVID-19 vaccine.

On the one hand, hosts like Sean Hannity want President Joe Biden to personally thank Donald Trump for aiding in its creation. On the other, Tucker Carlson is quickly going full anti-vaxxer, claiming that they are not as effective as they should be and just might be part of a larger government conspiracy (claims that are totally unfounded).

“There seems to be some tension at Fox over whether Trump deserves credit for this miraculous medical breakthrough that will save the world,” Seth Meyers said Wednesday, “or whether the vaccines are actually part of a sinister plot to do… something bad, it’s not clear what.”

From there, the Late Night host played a recent clip of “human catamaran” Tucker Carlson questioning how “necessary” it is to even take the vaccine at all. Pulling out his SNL-level impression of the Fox host, Meyers went on a long rant that ended with a theory about vaccinations taking away his bladder control.

“All these questions have already been answered,” he said. “You could save yourself the trouble of writing your nightly monologue by just using Google. But maybe he doesn’t know how. That would explain why he always looks like Templeton the rat trying to read Charlotte’s web.”

Meyers carefully explained to Carlson and any of the millions of elderly viewers who watch his show every night that the vaccine trial data clearly shows how “highly safe and effective” they are.

“It’s necessary to take the vaccine if, say, you’re not Tucker Carlson and you can’t do your cushy TV job from the safety of your studio bubble,” he said, “where I’m certain no one is allowed within six feet of you even when there isn’t a pandemic because they might accidentally make eye contact with you and have their souls devoured.”

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