Seth Meyers: Trump Sounds Like Doctor With ‘Massive Head Wound’ 1

With just five days to go until the 2020 presidential election, Seth Meyers held nothing back in his assessment of President Donald Trump’s closing message Thursday night.

“Now a lot can still happen before the election, and polls can be wrong—as we’ve learned before,” the Late Night host said. But as of now, Joe Biden is maintaining his massive lead over Trump in the national and swing state polls. “The Trump campaign knows they can’t campaign against Joe Biden,” he added, “so they’ve decided instead to campaign against reality.”

In response to Dr. Anthony Fauci calling the Trump administration’s inaction on the coronavirus an “untenable situation,” Meyers said, “It’s only an untenable situation if you’re a sane person capable of empathy and compassion and not, you know, a sociopath who dances at his rallies during a deadly pandemic like a hungover Little League umpire calling strike three.”

“Trump keeps showing a flagrant disregard for human life by holding giant superspreader rallies in hot spots and by pretending that the pandemic is over and that the virus just isn’t that deadly,” Meyers said, playing footage of the president boasting about how “immune” he is and threatening to kiss all the men in the crowd.

Then, after showing viewers another bizarre rant in which Trump imagined how people in California must be somehow eating through their masks, Meyers said, “He sounds like a doctor giving a TED Talk after a massive head wound.”

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