Seth Meyers Unloads on ‘White House Liar’ Kayleigh McEnany 1

As Seth Meyers put it on Monday, President Donald Trump “spent his Sunday night embarrassing the Lincoln Memorial on Fox News, which makes sense because he’s constantly in a state of either watching Fox or appearing on Fox or watching himself appearing on Fox.”

“Trump also surrounds himself with people he sees on Fox, from informal advisers to White House aides,” the Late Night host continued.

The latest name on that long list is former Fox pundit Kayleigh McEnany, who graduated to White House Press Secretary last month and gave her first briefing this past Friday.

“McEnany’s hiring very much illustrates the feedback loop of disinformation and propaganda that exists between the Trump White House and Fox News,” Meyers said. In her role as spokesperson for the Trump campaign, he explained, McEnany spent much of February telling “outlandish lies” about the president’s response.

“Trump apparently decided to reward McEnany for her blind loyalty by making her White House press secretary,” the host said later. “And on Friday, she seamlessly transitioned from Fox News liar to White House liar.”

McEnany told the press from her podium, “I will never lie to you, you have my word on that.”

“Wow, she managed to break her promise before she finished making her promise,” Meyers joked. “That’s impressive. It’s like a Möbius strip of bullshit.”

After showing the clip of McEnany promoting Trump’s Fox News town hall event during her briefing, Meyers compared her to a “glorified TV Guide channel.”

“Looking for willful ignorance from a soulless sociopath?” the host intoned. “Check out the Fox News town hall at 7.”