‘SNL’ Debuts New Trump as Pete Davidson Channels Aaron Rodgers: ‘My Body, My Covid’

‘SNL’ Debuts New Trump as Pete Davidson Channels Aaron Rodgers: ‘My Body, My Covid’ 1

The discourses… they’re converging! We all knew Saturday Night Live was bound to address Aaron Rodgers’ “woke mob” anti-vaxx meltdown, and it turns out their cast member of choice was none other than the one whose hotness is making headlines once again. On Saturday night, Pete Davidson channeled the NFL player in a sit-down with SNL’s “Jeanine Pirro,” Cecily Strong.

“It’s your body, your choice,” Strong’s Pirro told her guest, “and please don’t use that quote for any other issue.”

“It’s my body and my COVID,” Davidson responded. “I can give it to whoever I want. But suddenly the woke mob is after me. It’s so bad that State Farm called and they’re not even giving me the Rodgers rate!”

“I never lied,” he added. “I took all my teammates into a huddle, got their faces three inches away from my wet mouth, and told them, ‘Trust me—I’m more or less immunized. Go team!’”

In conclusion? “People can talk all they want, but at the end of the day my record is still seven in one—meaning of the eight people I’ve infected, seven are fine.”

Saturday also ushered in the reign of a new Donald Trump on SNL, viral impersonator James Austin Johnson—who also appeared on “Jeanine’s Justice” to, among other things, talk up his contributions to governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s campaign. (“Glenn is a wonderful guy but those PC folks, oh my gosh, PC police. They don’t like him—they don’t like him at all!”)

This week’s host is Kieran Culkin, who notched his first SNL cameo in November 1991 during an episode hosted by his older brother Macaulay—a memory he revisited onstage with helpful (and adorable) photo aids.