SNL Embarrasses Matt Gaetz After Venmo Revelations 1

For the second week and row, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was target number one on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update.” And this time, anchor Colin Jost didn’t even bother to acknowledge how much he looks like the scandal-plagued congressman.

“Well, our favorite Florida congressman Matt Gaetz is back in the news, but this time it’s good!” Jost began. “I’m kidding, it’s still the sex stuff.”

From there, Jost moved straight into the explosive Daily Beast report revealing that Gaetz sent $900 to an accused sex trafficker, who then made payments in that exact amount to three different young women, claiming that it was for “tuition” and “school.”

“Which, if true, would make him the only congressman actually helping with student loans,” Jost joked. “At least Gaetz is taking the allegations seriously. That’s why yesterday he spoke at the Women for America First Summit, which is a nice change to see women pay for an hour with Matt Gaetz.”

Jost noted that his “favorite” part of Gaetz’s appearance was when the lawmaker pointed out how much “encouragement” he’s been receiving from Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan. “Oh no, did he think those were good character references? Who is next on his list, the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein?”

Later, Michael Che brought up Trump’s recent call to boycott Coca-Cola over the company’s opposition to Georgia’s new voter suppression laws, adding, “which is surprising because I would have guessed Don Jr. would have the problem with Coke.”

And then, lest anyone think SNL has been going too soft on President Joe Biden, Jost joked that it’s “weird seeing a guy doing a Clint Eastwood impression be pro-gun control,” adding, “I mean, look at him. You could put him into Gran Torino and no one would know the difference.”

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