SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che Roast Trump’s ’Sarcastic’ Disinfectant Cure Nonsense 1

Instead of inviting Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump to call into “Weekend Update” this week, SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che took the actual president to task for suggesting that injecting disinfectant could cure the coronavirus. 

“Well, you know when things are going well when #DontDrinkBleach is trending nationally after a president’s speech,” Jost began. “After a doctor said that coronavirus dies quickly in the sunlight, President Trump asked if they could bring the light inside the body. Though I’m pretty sure ‘bring the light inside the body’ is what they chanted at Jonestown before drinking poison.” 

Jost then added that experts are calling “President Clean’s” idea of injecting disinfectant a “stroke of genius… minus the ‘of genius’ part.” 

Trump ultimately tried to take back his comments by claiming he was just being sarcastic, “which is just what you say when you know you’ve said something terrible,” Che said.

“Speaking of terrible, you know how when a kid has really bad parents, somebody steps in and they have to go live with another family, right?” Che asked. “Do you think it’s possible another country could come take custody of us maybe? I mean, like, just until our government gets back on its feet. You know, somewhere stable like Germany or Japan or Nigeria. Or even Iraq. I’ll take Iraq now. Don’t they owe us a favor anyway? Didn’t we, like, kill their dad when they were in trouble? I’m being sarcastic, obviously.”  

The pair then moved on to the stay-at-home protests, which in one state included a man wearing an American flag and a diaper. “Fun fact,” Jost said, “if an American flag and a diaper are struck by lightning, they create a Sean Hannity.” 

“You know, it’s funny that all the people protesting the stay-at-home order live in places where there’s nowhere to go anyway,” Che added. “Also, who are all these guns supposed to scare? The viruses? Nurses? The police?”

“It’s crazy how these rednecks—excuse me, red states—are always talking that support the troops and blue lives matter shit,” he continued, “but then they’re so quick to bring out their guns whenever their country wants something from them. I mean, how is that patriotic? That’s like saying, ‘I love my wife, but I keep a gun under my pillow just in case.’” 

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