Stephen Colbert Brutally Mocks ‘Clearly Hammered’ Donald Trump Jr. 1

With all of the fallout from the first presidential debate this week, Stephen Colbert almost forgot to make fun of Donald Trump Jr. for posting a seemingly drunken video that called on volunteers to “ENLIST NOW!” in the “Army for Trump.” Almost.

“During the debate, Trump encouraged his followers to intimidate other voters by being a so-called ‘poll watcher,’” the Late Show host explained. “And now Don Jr.’s saying, ‘I’m helping too, Dad!’”

Colbert then played the clip of the president’s eldest son looking rough and ragged as he told Trump supporters, “We need every able-bodied man and woman to join Army for Trump’s election security operation” to help stop the “radical left” from “stealing” the election.

“Yes, every able-bodied man and woman, which does not include Donald Trump Jr., because he is clearly hammered,” the host said before taking off his glasses and getting too close to the camera.

“The radical left is trying to steal the election, but I’m not going to let them,” Colbert slurred. “Because we’ll fight the radical left like I fought the store guy when he wouldn’t let me put my mouth on the slushie machine. And I don’t know how those White Claws got down my leg, officer.”

“Babe, come here!” he continued. “I want you guys to meet Screamy Kimmy. Say ‘the best is yet to come’ thing. Say it!”

And that was before The New Yorker dropped its exposé about how the real reason Kimberly Guilfoyle was ousted from Fox News.

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