Stephen Colbert Slams Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech for ‘Lecturing’ Trump on Oval Office Behavior 1

Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention left Stephen Colbert speechless. He had a lot more to say about Bill Clinton’s. 

In his second live Late Show of the week, Colbert broke down the biggest moments from night two of the DNC, or as he called it, “one of the most electrifying infomercials of the year.” Noting that the theme for the second night was “Leadership Matters,” he joked that the Republicans had already decided to rename night two of their convention, “All Qualities Matter.” 

The host’s sharpest commentary, however, came in response to the address delivered by former President Bill Clinton, “seen here finding out Ghislaine Maxwell was just arrested,” he joked. 

“At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center. Instead, it is a storm center,” Clinton said in his speech.

“Alright, that’s true, that’s a good point,” Colbert replied. “But I don’t think Bill Clinton gets to lecture anyone on what should happen in the Oval Office.” In case anyone was missing the point, he added, “Those in glass houses should not be allowed near the interns.” 

After Clinton, Colbert moved on to parody the comically short 60 seconds granted to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) by “playing her off” with an awards show orchestra. “Ahh, she didn’t have a chance to thank her agent and her publicist!” he joked.  

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