The Democratic Party Just Moved on From the Clintons 1

Beware, Hillary Clinton said in her address on the third night of the Democratic convention, of the villain that ruined her life and that of the country. No, not Bill Clinton, Donald Trump. She listed the excuses she’s had to listen to from voters since her 2016 race against Trump.  “I didn’t realize how dangerous he was. I wish I could go back and do it over” and “I should have voted.” Wake up, she pleaded, to how serious our situation is so that we don’t have another “woulda, coulda, shoulda election.” Would anyone blame her for not coming right out with it, saying “I told you so” and dropping the mic and going for another walk in the woods just outside the door in Chappaqua she spoke from, like the hundreds she took to get over the loss that surprised almost everyone and stunned her? 

In fact, a lot of Democrats do blame her and they woulda if they coulda wrapped her in a moving blanket and shipped her to an undisclosed location. It’s easier to blame her for not going to Michigan or not calling out Trump’s lies more effectively or his invasion of her space at a debate, or for losing some voters by calling some of his supporters “deplorable.” Of course, she had more of a point than she knew with Trump, just this past week, embracing with enthusiasm not just questionable followers but two Congressional primary winners who’ve called Muslims “savages,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi a “bitch,” and Democrats the home to a Satanic cult that violates children. That’s not to mention Trump’s embrace of the “spectacular” demon semen doctor who’s endorsed his pet drug, hydroxychloroquine.

But the enormity of Trump’s failure as a president and human being just gives Democrats more to resent. We don’t know the sound of no hands clapping so it’s hard to gauge Bill Clinton’s reception  the night before. But we do know that Hillary had to restrict replies to a birthday greeting with a picture of the two of them when they were young she’d posted on Twitter after receiving so many unwelcome messages of the #MeToo sort, queries about just how many times Bill had been on Jeffrey Epstein’s love island, and pictures of Ghislane Maxwell at Chelsea’s wedding.