The Only Way Forward Is to Drain the Swamp and Lock Trump and His Gang Up 1

There’s only one way to restore a cynical and traumatized majority’s faith in the rule of law and the Department of Justice, and that’s to drain the GOP swamp, hold Trump accountable for his numerous crimes, and—to quote from Gladiator—“unleash hell” on his criminal allies and enablers.

Just yesterday Donald Trump returned to face his adoring cult at the annual CPAC conference and kept promoting the Big Lie that he won the 2020 election, a lie that inspired a violent insurrection that killed five people. This dangerous, reckless behavior, supported by the GOP and its media propagandists, will only continue absent any legal consequences.

“The Biden administration needs to bring what I call a ‘season of reckoning’ for the corruption and grift that we have suffered through the last four years,” trial attorney Katie Phang told me. Trump and his enablers are “the common denominator” she said behind the insurrection, the extortion threats against Georgia’s secretary of state, the kidnapping and caging of children at the border, multiple violations of the Emoluments Clause, and the lies and incompetence that led to thousands of COVID deaths.