The Trump Family’s Civil War Could Blow Us All Up 1

Mary Trump’s legal battles against her uncle might seem like a fun little political soap opera, but it’s way more than that, Mary’s lawyer Ted Boutrous explains on the latest episode of The New Abnormal

The attempt to stop her tell-all book before publication—“I think it’s really an effort to intimidate people from speaking, to intimidate the press. But also it’s a political tool. It’s a fundraising tool. It seems to excite people who support President Trump,” he tells hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson.

So, what exactly will the book tell us about Donald Trump? Boutrous couldn’t say too much yet, but what he did reveal looks, um, not-so-hot for the president: “The more people see what he was like before, and really understand the kind of person he is and was, the more people will be horrified that he’s the president.”

Then! The Daily Beast’s Kate Briquelet—who has broken some of the biggest stories about Jeffrey Epstein’s cabal—joins the dynamic duo to talk about the arrest of Epstein ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell. 

“There are power players in New York,” she explains “who are very nervous that Ghislaine is going to spill the secrets.” 

She also shares some of the wildest (read: disturbing) accusations she’s heard about the accused pedo duo, including that Epstein wanted a “baby ranch” in New Mexico. 

Plus! Does Trump know how to listen to a podcast? Could Kanye’s “run for president” could really, really backfire? How is Ye like Vermin Supreme? And what the hell is “the McKinsey of grift?”

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