The Trump Presidency Delivers Its Craziest 24 Hours Yet as America Heads Down the Tubes 1

Can we try to take stock of these insane last 24 hours? 

● First and most obviously, the articles of impeachment were delivered to the Senate. Third time in history. Consider the first two. One president fired a Cabinet official Congress basically dared him to fire—a politics fight, in other words. The whole thing was shaky enough that seven senators from the opposition party voted to acquit the president. The next president to be impeached, of course, lied about sex after being set up in a sting operation.

By comparison, this president invited a foreign country to interfere in the next election. Not “allegedly”—he and his chief of staff have admitted they did it. If that doesn’t sound a lot worse to you than the first two, you have no idea what the Constitution and laws of the United States are about.