The Tulsa Rally: Trump’s Words and Mood 1

Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

To the Editor:

In “Trump’s Plan for a Big Rally Sputters Badly” (front page, June 21), President Trump’s speech in Tulsa on Saturday night was described as “rambling, grievance-filled remarks.” But that doesn’t even come close to accurately capturing the tone, body language and content of his speech. It was a hate-filled screed — to put it mildly.

I have seen clips of speeches by Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn and, yes, Adolf Hitler, and Donald Trump’s performance resembled all three of these truly evil men. The many different ways in which he attacked Joe Biden and the “radical left” were bone-chilling. I’m now convinced that if Mr. Trump wins re-election he will attempt to ignite a firestorm of political repression unlike any other in American history.

I’m very careful in the language I use to describe political figures with whom I strongly disagree. But Donald Trump is nothing less than a fascist demagogue and a real and present threat to American democracy.

I do not believe that he can win the election if all the votes are counted fair and square. Accordingly, we must do everything possible to make sure that his totally predictable efforts to cheat his way to a second term are not allowed to stand. By now it is a cliché to say that the stakes couldn’t possibly be any higher — but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Ken Brociner
Somerville, Mass.

To the Editor:

Your article states: “People close to Mr. Trump also said that the lack of regular adulation that he receives from the cheering crowds since the coronavirus lockdowns has left him morose and irritable. … After the rally, Mr. Trump’s spokesman searched for a way that Mr. Trump might be happy despite the poor turnout.”

Are they talking about a mature adult who has the responsibility to lead us through the most challenging time in recent memory, or a 2-year-old who missed his nap?

Jay Frankel
Maplewood, N.J.

To the Editor:

Isn’t it too soon for the Trump campaign to worry and for Democrats to brag? I find it difficult to believe that the presence of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter protesters and President Trump’s latest antics were enough to change the minds of Mr. Trump’s most ardent supporters. The pandemic and protesters may have kept people away from his Tulsa rally, but I doubt they will actually change their votes. I fear that further left-wing gloating will only galvanize Mr. Trump’s base.

Nothing Mr. Trump has done up to this point has been enough to sway Trumpers, and I’m still not buying a change of heart from them now. In 2016, media polls showing Hillary Clinton on track to win the presidential election fell woefully flat.

I fear that further rubbing in the low attendance at Trump rallies and dwindling poll numbers will cause complacency among people who need to do what it takes to vote Mr. Trump out of office, including fighting attempts at voter suppression among disenfranchised communities.

Nicole Brown

To the Editor:

I am as dismayed, saddened and discouraged by the actions of the TikTok teens, who reserved rally tickets they didn’t plan to use, as I am by the disturbing words, deeds and actions of our president. They seemed to have matched his low bar for lying and manipulation.

Tit for Tat comes to mind instead of TikTok.

Gail Glasgow
Bloomfield, Mich.