‘The View’ Hosts Unload on Dr. Deborah Birx: She’s ‘Part of the Problem’ 1

It was President Donald Trump who suggested the possibility of treating the coronavirus with disinfectant injections. But the hosts of The View lay just as much blame on Dr. Deborah Birx for refusing to correct him in real time. 

“You cannot inject disinfectant into your body,” Whoopi Goldberg said Monday morning. “We spend so much money telling kids, don’t do that, and here you do this. And where was Dr. Birx sitting right there? Why didn’t she say, no, sir, you cannot do that?” 

After calling out Trump’s “dangerous” comments, Sunny Hostin agreed that “the people that are flanking him are also complicit at this point, like the Dr. Birxes that aren’t saying anything.” 

“No!” Goldberg replied. “Which blew my face off!” 

Always the contrarian, Meghan McCain defended Drs. Birx and Anthony Fauci, who are “being put in a completely untenable situation” where they have to say things like “don’t inject yourself with Lysol.” She added, “I don’t want these doctors to go. They’re doing the best they can. Try to think of yourself in that situation. They’re trying to help the American public, and there’s only so much controlling that people—anyone can do with President Trump.” 

“I have to say this because it is one of the things that drives me crazy,” Goldberg said next “If you want adults to, you know, listen to you, that’s one thing, but little kids are in the room, and they are listening to these conferences as well. And that kind of information, I needed Dr. Birx to get up and say, ‘No, sir.’ It could have been respectful. But someone needed to say, ‘No, sir. No one can ingest bleach. No one.’ And that, for me, would have been a big sign that somebody was looking out.” 

Later in the show, after playing a clip of Dr. Birx dismissing the seriousness of Trump’s comments on CNN, Joy Behar said she feels “kind of sorry” for her because “she’s less of a doctor and more like an elderly care nurse to this guy,” referring to the president. “Like, he’s running around the house in his pajamas yelling at the TV set, not getting up out of bed until late. He’s losing it. He’s like the grandpa who walks out in the middle of the birthday party with his pants off, and then Dr. Birx as a surrogate at the birthday party has to say, ‘Grandpa is just liberating himself, isn’t he funny?’”

Hostin went even further, calling Birx “part of the problem,” and noting that when she appeared on The View earlier this month, “She said a lot, and said nothing. It was like one big word salad. It’s time for her to speak the facts and to speak factually.” She added, “I know she has had a storied career, but at this point she is losing her integrity, and I’m really surprised and disappointed in Dr. Birx. Very, very disappointed.” 

Finally, Goldberg returned to the basic fact that no one should be injecting bleach. “You know, the last person that really even suggested anyone use bleach was a man called Dr. Mengele,” she said, referring to the Nazi doctor known as the Angel of Death. “And he did bad things to people. So we don’t discuss bleach.”