‘The View’ Rips COVID-Riddled Trump: ‘He’s Learned Nothing!’ 1

With Meghan McCain on maternity leave, the remaining four co-hosts of The View have been doing a lot less screaming at each other. On Tuesday, they opened the show by screaming at President Donald Trump.

Sunny Hostin said she was “horrified” by the president’s actions both during his stay at Walter Reed Medical Center and since returning to the White House that have “endangered the lives” of Secret Service agents and others around him. She ultimately came to the conclusion that “the president has not changed.”

“How many people will take off their masks today because of the president?” Sara Haines asked, calling Trump’s messaging on the virus “confusing, misleading, and dangerous.”

“This guy has not learned anything!” Joy Behar added, noting that Trump looked like he was “shaking” during his photo-op on the White House balcony. “He said he learned a lot. He has learned nothing.”

If the president wanted to demonstrate how the coronavirus has changed him, she said, he could have said, “I’ve learned my lesson, I know how bad this is,” and finally urged all Americans to wear masks and socially distance. “He did not say that,” Behar said. “So he keeps appealing to the same 39 percent that’s already in the cult. Try to get some new cult members if you have a brain in your head!”

Whoopi Goldberg, meanwhile, spoke directly to viewers, saying, “You are not him. You’re going to get sick and you can’t get all the stuff that he can get,” referring to the exceptional medical treatment the president received at Walter Reed.

“He doesn’t have to worry about it because he’s being pampered and dealt with 24/7,” she continued. “No one’s doing that for you!”

Ultimately, Hostin closed out the segment by speaking on behalf of all the White House workers who Trump has “placed in harm’s way.”

“I mean what kind of man? Not just president—what kind of man would act in this way, to endanger the lives of people that are taking care of him and his family?” she asked. “It’s despicable! Despicable!”