These Rag & Bone Jeans Are The Pants I Wish I Could Wear Everyday 1

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I’m not a big jean guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of pants, but I’ve mostly filled my wardrobe with different varieties of chinos and athleisure pants. Denim has always been a world I’ve found fairly unapproachable. There is the inaccessible catalogue of washes, cuts, cotton weights, different break-in periods, and the final kick to the gut that no, you kind of have to go to the store and actually try them on. But that was before I discovered my jeans: the jeans that make me feel like I never want to take them off (no matter what) and that I reach for every morning, even if I’m not going to end up wearing them. I didn’t know jeans could make me feel that way. 


The denim at Rag & Bone is easy to shop for, feels great, and lasts a long time. Their fit system is approachable for the denim novice, but doesn’t overlook the details for the more denim-acquainted. Structured by 3 fits — the Fit 1 (extra-slim), the Fit 2 (slim), and the Fit 3 (classic) — there aren’t a million different randomized numbers to remember like some other brands.  I opt for the Fit 2, as to me, they’re the perfect combination of tapered, but not too tight. The denim is more or less broken in, so you don’t need to walk around as if you were in quicksand for a week, and they come in an accessible selection of styles and washes, from black, to light, to dark, to grey, so you can rock jeans every day of the week, no matter the occasion. 


Whether you’re a denim geek, or a denim novice, Rag & Bone has got you covered. While I’m not the most denim-knowledgeable person out there, I still want a pair of jeans that have been through the ringer, that’s made by people who know their stuff. I just don’t necessarily need to, or really want to, know all about it. I love the fact that I can put on my pants and just walk out the door. With Rag & Bone denim, I know I’m walking out not only in comfort, but in style, too. 

Rag & Bone Fit 2 in Fire Island

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