This Printer Was the Best Decision I Made in 2020 1

I live in a New York City apartment which means space is limited, to say the least. There are some things you don’t need (like the largest size Instant Pot), there are some you definitely need (like cleaning supplies), and there are some things you kinda sorta maybe need, like a printer.. Cut to: me in a panic over how I’m going to print and mail my voter registration. Or that time I needed to file a health insurance claim. Even my job, while mostly online, requires some documents I need to print. If you’ve been reluctant to get a printer, I can’t tell you enough how much of a stress reliever it has been, especially when it’s as great as this one.

If I could give out an award for the best work-from-home printer, it’d go to the Canon Pixma TR150 by a mile. What I love about it is its size. It can fit pretty much anywhere (it’s so small when folded up), but takes just 30 seconds to boot up and get ready to print. It also doesn’t even need to be connected to a power source—instead it charges via USB and can connect to your WiFi to remain completely wireless. The paper tray can hold 50 sheets (who needs more?) and the built-in screen makes printing and set up a breeze.

But my favorite part is that when I’m done using it, it folds up into the size of a cookbook and can be stored anywhere. I can put papers haphazardly atop it, or shove it into a drawer. Wherever it lives, it doesn’t matter. When I need something printed, it’s there, ready and willing, to get the job done.

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