Travel to Europe's Most Eclectic Rooms 1

We’ve featured a number of tomes here at Just Booked (our series on gorgeous travel coffee table books) that took us inside fabulous rooms. But we’re not sure any of them ever took us in rooms as awe-inspiring and eclectic as those in our latest selection—Massimo Listri’s Cabinet of Curiosities, published recently by Taschen.

The book is filled with the fame photographer’s detailed and engrossing photographs of some of Europe’s most exciting cabinets of curiosity—rooms where the most acquisitive individuals accumulated and displayed a variety of objects. They can be filled with art, decorative objects, items from nature (you will see a lot of coral), inventions, and just downright strange things.

The book’s cover is a close-up of a delightful Arcimboldo-esque trompe-l’œil pediment from the Francke Foundations. Inside, you’ll race from the wax portraits at Freidenstein to the sparkling minerals in the collection at Seitenstetten Abbey. You’ll lament the breakup of Rudolf II’s hoard and just shake your head in bemusement at the oddities found at Schloss Ambras. And no doubt, when the world reopens, you’ll make sure to add Dresden’s Green Vault, Vienna’s Kunstkammer, and Florence’s Pitti Palace to your must do’s.

Massimo Listri: Cabinet of Curioisities by Giulia Carciotto & Antonio Paolucci. Published by Taschen ($150)