Travel to Greece's Best Kept Secret with this Book 1

Every summer, countless thousands head to the port of Piraeus to flee Athens for the Greek islands. Most are blissfully unaware that Piraeus is in fact an entryway into Greece’s best kept secret—the Athens Riviera. That’s why our latest selection for our series Just Booked (where we highlight gorgeous new travel coffee table books) is Assouline’s Athens Riviera.

The envy-inducing (especially for trapped Americans) tome is full of arresting photos of this glamorous slice of heaven (the 60 kilometers from Athens to Sounion, where the Temple of Poseidon is perched). It captures the very alive metropolis of Athens, with photos ranging from 1930s shots of immaculate neoclassical buildings and grounds to the chaos of the Monastiraki market. But the most intoxicating has to be the Riviera itself. Stunning beaches and hotels with yachts anchored just off-shore. Parties (remember those?) by the seaside. And beautiful people. Lots and lots of beautiful people.

Athens Riviera by Stéphanie Artarit

Published by Assouline ($95)