Trevor Noah Accuses Kamala Harris of ‘Gaslighting’ Voters With Biden Endorsement 1

On the eve of what some cable news networks are calling “Super Tuesday 2,” Trevor Noah dubbed the Democratic presidential primary race “2 Old, 2 Furious.”

And as Joe Biden looks to extend his delegate lead over Bernie Sanders, The Daily Show host examined the “hostage-style” video endorsement the former vice president’s received from Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

“Now please send $10,000 in unmarked bills so that my family can see me again,” Noah said, imitating Harris. “I’m very happy to be here.”

The host went on to joke that “even the Taliban is looking at this video like, ‘we had better lighting and we were in a cave!’” As an outsider to American politics, Noah said he found the whole thing “a little strange.”

“How is Kamala gonna endorse Joe Biden and not acknowledge that she once called him a friend of racists who opposed integrated public schools?” he asked, accusing Harris of “gaslighting” voters by pretending their infamous debate confrontation never happened.

“For me, you have to at least say, ‘Look, we’ve had our differences, but—’ or something like that,” Noah said. “Otherwise, you make it seem like we’re crazy.”

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