Trevor Noah Calls Out QAnon’s Glaring Hypocrisy: ‘Trump Was BFFs With Jeffrey Epstein’ 1

On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah took aim at Marjorie Taylor Greene, a woman who recently won the Georgia Republican primary and will surely be elected to Congress in her deep red 14th Congressional District.

“Congress is about to get a lot crazier,” offered Noah.

Greene, 46, has a long history of racism and pushing conspiracy theories. She’s recently called the Jewish businessman George Soros a “Nazi”; compared the elections of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to Congress to “an Islamic invasion”; said minorities find themselves unemployed because they are “lazy”; accused the Democratic Party of keeping Black people in “a modern-day form of slavery”; and said Black people should be “proud” of Confederate monuments. Greene has also been endorsed by a number of prominent white supremacists.

On top of all that, Greene is an adherent of QAnon—a wild conspiracy theory alleging that an anonymous secret agent named “Q” is dropping insider information revealing that Hollywood and Democratic Party elites (Hillary Clinton, Oprah, etc.) are operating an underground child sex-trafficking ring and that President Donald Trump is waging a one-man war on them.

“That’s right: A QAnon conspiracy theorist is about to become a member of Congress,” Noah explained. “And if you’re wondering, what’s QAnon? Well, it’s a movement that believes that Hollywood and the Democratic Party are actually a secret worldwide child sex-trafficking ring whose members harvest the blood of children for its life-extending properties, and that the only person protecting the world from this evil is Donald Trump.”

Yes, Donald Trump: a man who’s made lewd comments about his baby daughter’s breasts; stands accused of walking in on teens changing while in charge of Miss Teen USA; had a close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein; and recently wished Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s accused sex-trafficking accomplice, “well.”

“So let me get this straight. The Democratic Party is so smart and powerful that they can run a secret shadow organization—but they’re also stupid enough to be outsmarted by Donald Trump?” said Noah, adding, “Also, Donald Trump was BFFs with Jeffrey Epstein, aka The White R. Kelly, so how the hell is he going to protect [from] something that he’s a part of? I mean, that’s like Cardi B trying to protect the world from people who make bird sounds.”

At the time of Greene’s incendiary comments, which were made two years ago, a spokesperson for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said, “These comments are appalling, and Leader McCarthy has no tolerance for them.”

This week, Rep. McCarthy applauded Greene’s primary victory. And the Trump camp is supporting her too.