Trevor Noah Goes Off on Ted Cruz’s Shameless Texas Photo Op 1

The late-night shows have found a new favorite target: Ted Cruz, the bumbling Republican senator from Texas who appears far more interested in helping incite a coup or tweeting about “cancel culture” than helping those in his home state who are without power or clean water following cold weather storms that knocked out Texas’ power grid, leaving millions without electricity and dozens dead.

Cruz, in his infinite wisdom, took it upon himself to fly to Cancun during the humanitarian crisis to get some vacation time in with his family at the Ritz-Carlton. When he was caught in the act and ridiculed for it, the politician flew back, and proceeded to blame the entire episode on his wife and daughters.

On Monday night, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah waded into the mucky Cruz waters, exploring how the former preppy Princeton student who now cosplays as a cowboy is trying to improve his image in the wake of the ridiculous, self-imposed scandal.

“After getting blasted for flying to Cancun when his own heat went off, Ted Cruz, Texas senator and Disney prince before true love’s kiss, is now back in his home state doing the literal bare minimum for the sake of the cameras,” explained Noah.

As Fox News proudly stated, Cruz spent the weekend serving barbecue and putting drinking water in the cars of Texans in a pretty transparent photo opp to gin up some positive PR following the Cancun debacle.

“Sorry, Cruz. This is not gonna cut it, my man,” said Noah. “See, this right here? This is the politician version of coming home with flowers the day after Valentine’s Day. It’s not nothing, but your ass is still sleeping on the couch. And honestly, I don’t know why politicians try to pull off these lame photo ops. They basically just turn people who actually need real help into political props.”