Trevor Noah: Trump Will Struggle to Attack Kamala Harris Because She’s a Cop 1

Trevor Noah is feeling pretty good about Joe Biden’s decision to go with Kamala Harris as his running mate. 

“Say what you want about Joe, but the man went Black and he is not going back,” the Daily Show host joked. He then explained how “impressed” he was with the former vice president’s choice despite the fact that Harris “destroyed” him at their first debate last year. 

“In fact, part of me thinks he only picked her so that she can just never dust his ass in public again,” Noah continued. “This isn’t a VP pick, this is an insurance policy.” 

But he was even more eager to see what the Trump campaign’s line of attack will be on Harris—something they previewed on Tuesday afternoon with a statement that was full of lies and contradictions

“Because they’re going to have a tough time,” he said. “Everything she’s done in her career appeals to Trump’s base.”

Noah imagined Trump saying, “Crafty Kamala spent her whole career locking up criminals and filling up California’s jails. She’s even friends with cops! Hold on… that actually sounds pretty cool.” 

Meanwhile, in his Late Show monologue, Stephen Colbert highlighted the fact that Harris is both the first Black woman and the first woman of Indian descent to be nominated by a major party. “So Trump’s going to have a hard time deciding exactly how to be racist about her,” he joked.

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