Trevor Noah Unloads on Trump for Trusting ‘Dr. Demon Sperm’ 1
Comedy Central

“Obviously ordinary Americans should be taking this pandemic more seriously,” Trevor Noah said on Tuesday night’s Daily Show. “But in their defense, it’s hard to do that when this is the guy who’s setting the tone from the top.” 

With that, Noah became the first late-night host to delve into the insanity that is President Donald Trump’s disturbing embrace of a conspiracy-spreading doctor who, besides pushing hydroxychloroquine as a magic COVID cure, also believes certain afflictions are caused by demon sperm, as first reported by The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer

After playing a handful of Dr. Stella Immanuel’s greatest hits, a stunned Noah said, “Yes, despite having the world’s top doctors at his disposal, Trump has decided instead to trust a doctor who believes that people get sick because they masturbate and that vaccines are made from alien DNA.” 

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