Trump Has Brought Muslims and Jews Together—to Defeat Him 1

Donald Trump is a uniter—just not in the way he had hoped. His presidency has brought American Jews and Muslims together to defeat him in 2020. It has also increased each respective community’s support for fellow minority groups. Those are the findings of a new report by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), a nonpartisan organization created in 2002 that focuses on issues impacting the Muslim American community.

As ISPU found, Jews and Muslims are the two religious groups that, by far, least approve of Trump. Only 34 percent of Jews and 30 percent of Muslims say Trump is doing a good job in the White House. In contrast, 46 percent of Protestants approve of Trump and a whopping 70 percent of white evangelicals love their earthly savior Trump.

But it’s not just those numbers that jump out from this study. There’s something else that is potentially more lasting and significant: the support by each community for fellow minorities. Muslims and Jews are the two faith groups that most support Black Lives Matter, an organization Trump has smeared as a “symbol of hate.” Sixty-five percent of Muslims support building coalitions with BLM, as do 54 percent of Jews. Compare that to the 37 percent of Protestants who feel the same and the paltry 30 percent of white evangelicals who support a movement that simply seeks to value Black lives the same as white.