Trump Has Us on the Brink of a Social Civil War 1

There’s two things that Rick Wilson loves the most in this world: food and politics. 

On this episode of The New Abnormal, Taste the Nation host Padma Lakshmi combines the two. She joins Rick and co-host Molly Jong-Fast to chat about her experiences foraging onions in the desert, hanging out with Thai women in Las Vegas and gaining 20 pounds, on purpose. Oh, and explains how immigrants and Native Americans have way more MAGA clout than Trump ever will.

“It should be mandatory that [politicians] go and embed themselves for a week,” she says. 

Then, MSNBC’s Joy Reid joined to discuss her history-making career move, the impending “social civil war” and Trump’s ability to praise a drug that could kill people: “It’s like a cult leader in a way.” 

Reid also shares her thoughts on that whole quid-pro-quo thing. 

“We’ve had bad presidents, racist presidents, stupid presidents. We’ve had all kinds of presidents, but out of 45 tries, we’ve never had one that got help from a foreign government to get his job,” she says.

She and Rick also walk Molly through a typical day in Florida, where they’re both from, including reminiscing about the bath salt, face-eating zombie incident—not to be confused with the also-mentioned “Zombie bin Laden.” 

Plus! The duo opine about Trump’s failing ad strategy and the morons pushing our country into an economic crisis tailspin.

“We’re in the opening acts of an economic crisis that these fucking morons are so ill prepared to handle,” Rick says.

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